April 27, 2012

New Stuff

It's been a super busy couple of months.

With Finders Keepers and Bowerbird over it's time to focus on new stuff.  New glazes, forms, clays and ideas.  And constant practice!

Here's a few pics of work from this month. Loving the Oatmeal Glaze.  It's from Janet De Boos.  I fire to Cone 8 but it will go to Cone 10
Nepheline Syenite  50
Ball Clay  50
Dolomite  50

It's on my recycled clay and responds well to high iron.

April 7, 2012

So Busy!

Here's Sam helping out at Finders Keepers (she's awesome!).  Photo by elements of alchemy

And Bowerbird - with some of my dad's gorgeous woodwork! 

Thanks to everyone who picked up a cup, a bowl, a vase, a jug, a spoon or a cannister.  It's lovely to know my pottery has found a home and is being used every day.  I hope you enjoy it.

And a gorgeous photo by  Sean Fennessy.  See more shorts from Finders Keepers here