October 6, 2013

Write up in Broadsheet

Persillade got a write up in Broadsheet.

With some lovely photos of my pots and my dads amazing American Walnut saucers!

September 29, 2013


It's been a long time between posts.  I've been a bit busy working on orders for people as well as doing a couple of cafes.  

Persillade has recently opened in East Melbourne with my cups and my dad's saucers and table tops.  Was a great project to work on and a lovely cafe fit out.  If you fancy a coffee the cafe is at 150 Wellington Pde.

New pots in the shop

Finally got some new pots in the shop - www.shiko.com.au  :)

August 20, 2013

Open Studio and Seconds Sale

This weekend I'm having a seconds sale and the odd cuppa as part of Craft Victoria's Craft Cubed Festival.

If you'd like to drop in and say hello and check out some pots, the studio will be open Saturday 24th August and Sunday 25th August from 10 to 5pm.

We're at 156 Melville Road with the studio entrance at the rear.  Just come down the lane off Albion Street. There will be signage to help you find your way.

June 3, 2013

Craft Hatch and Winter Artisans Market

I was at Craft Hatch this Saturday.  I know it helps if I post before the market rather than after, it's just been one of those weeks (or months!!)

Here's a lovely shot of my stall by Kim Brockett

And I'll be at the Winter Artisans Market June 22nd, June 29th, July 6th and July 13th.  That's four Saturdays from 10am to 4pm at the Northcote Town Hall.  I'll have new work from the new kiln.  Pretty excited about that!

May 6, 2013

Forest of Cylinders

I'm working on a window display for Celia Fox - a  forest of cylinders all in porcelain with soft throwing lines and a buttery white glaze.

Here's them in progress, just off the wheel.

May 4, 2013

Mashiko Life

Dropped some little bits and pieces off to Mashiko Life in South Melbourne.  I'm looking forward to working on a little collection of tea cups for Gillian once the gas kiln is working!

April 29, 2013


I've been flat out making 40 plates for a special dinner for designers and creative folk organised by Mr Kitly and Supercyclers.  Here's a little pic of them all stacked up ready for dinner.

April 7, 2013

thank you!

Thank you to everyone who came by and said hi at Finders Keepers.  It was lovely to meet so many awesome folks.

And a very big extra special thanks to Lyn for knitting me a tea cosy for my teapot!!  Best present ever.

If you're after a teapot send me an email as I'll be making some this week (info@shiko.com.au).  The cooler weather and the cosy have got me all inspired.

April 1, 2013

Fresh off the wheel

I was playing around with some bigger forms today and they look so juicy fresh off the wheel.

I used the webbing between my fingers to alter the rim on these large bowls while on the wheel and then I've thrown through it slightly and included some texture from a wooden tool.  I beveled the base with an arrow head tool and then squished the base gently with my hands to extenuate the movement in the rim.  Jem's not convinced but I love the moment, there's something lively and soft about them.

The ovoid was far more controlled but just as much fun!

March 31, 2013


For the last few months I've been spending a day a week with potter Gary Healey. Each week he stretches me, pushes me further and challenges me with projects and problems.

Gary's guidance and support has given my confidence.  He's moved me from 500grams to 5kg and encouraged me to attempt forms I never would've thought possible (like the two piece bottle and large bowl above).

There are very few places left where pottery skills are taught or passed on as Tafe and University courses close down. And so it's fallen to individuals, to potters like Gary, to make sure this knowledge is not lost.

I am incredibly lucky to have been given an opportunity to learn from Gary and I try to squeeze every drop of pottery goodness out of our Wednesday's at the wheel.

Finders Keepers

I'll be at Finders Keepers this Friday and Saturday coming (Friday 5th April 6pm to 10pm and Saturday 6th April 10am to 5pm) at the Royal Exhibition Building (next to the Museum)

Lots of exciting new things, including these earthy, homely, wintery mugs.

March 25, 2013

On making pots

I love making pots.

So I make pots every day.  I make every day because I want to make better pots.  Each bowl or cup or plate is simply a step along the way to getting better at my craft, honing my skills, my awareness, knowledge and touch.

I love using handmade pots.

So I make pots that I want to use. They don't follow fashion, they're not unnecessarily decorated, they are simple pots that are comforting to hold and enjoyable to drink or eat from.

It is this marriage between skill and function that drives what I do.  I want to make work that is honest, beautiful and useful and I want to be constantly improving and learning so I can make better pots... so I better get back to work!

March 21, 2013

Seconds Sale!

This Saturday at Maribyrnong Makers Market I'm having a seconds sale

Lots of one offs, not quite rights, samples, and happy accidents.

March 14, 2013

New cups

Playing around with a new cup shape (with the fancy new handles).

Lots of work coming out of the kiln in preparation for Finders Keepers in April... it's going to be a busy next few week!!!

March 8, 2013

playing with forms

Gary Healey (my awesome and super inspiring mentor) was taking me through how to make ovoids on Wednesday... now i'm addicted! They are so much fun.

These guys still need to be turned, fired and glazed, but you get the idea.

Also, exciting news, I'm going to be at Finders Keepers in April!  More on that soon (in the meantime i'm throwing like a maniac).

February 19, 2013

Handles 2.0

Last night I started practicing a new type of handle for cups.  There's a lot more practice to come but these handles feel stronger and more integrated with the form than a regular handle.  They're tricky, but worth the trickiness.

February 3, 2013

Belinda from Alchemy

Belinda has a lovely post about some work I sent her.  She takes great photos.

Aside from her stunning wood work she's also been getting into clay too and has made these gorgeous beads!

January 29, 2013

Wedding Gifts

I'm just putting together an order for a wedding gift - from a mother to her daughter.  I have the best job in the world.


Nature rocks.  A peach stone i threw into the garden a few years ago has grown into the most delicious, juicy, sweet, succulent peach tree!

Amazing what can grown in just a couple of meters of garden behind a kiln.

January 26, 2013

bud vases

Just can't get enough of little vases!  I want a table full of them

January 16, 2013

Shops ahoy!

Yay! I've now got an online shop!!! shiko.com.au now has items available.

A huge thanks to Belinda at Elements of Alchemy for making it look so pretty. Will be adding more things, one offs etc so keep an eye out

January 13, 2013


I'm developing a bit of a soft spot for plates.  I got a few out of the kiln a couple of days ago and can't stop using them.

They're in the recycled clay with oatmeal glaze.

Online store is coming soon!!  It will feature plates, cups, bowls, limited editions and one offs.  Belinda from Elements of Alchemy whipped it into shape. She's a genius