March 31, 2013


For the last few months I've been spending a day a week with potter Gary Healey. Each week he stretches me, pushes me further and challenges me with projects and problems.

Gary's guidance and support has given my confidence.  He's moved me from 500grams to 5kg and encouraged me to attempt forms I never would've thought possible (like the two piece bottle and large bowl above).

There are very few places left where pottery skills are taught or passed on as Tafe and University courses close down. And so it's fallen to individuals, to potters like Gary, to make sure this knowledge is not lost.

I am incredibly lucky to have been given an opportunity to learn from Gary and I try to squeeze every drop of pottery goodness out of our Wednesday's at the wheel.

Finders Keepers

I'll be at Finders Keepers this Friday and Saturday coming (Friday 5th April 6pm to 10pm and Saturday 6th April 10am to 5pm) at the Royal Exhibition Building (next to the Museum)

Lots of exciting new things, including these earthy, homely, wintery mugs.

March 25, 2013

On making pots

I love making pots.

So I make pots every day.  I make every day because I want to make better pots.  Each bowl or cup or plate is simply a step along the way to getting better at my craft, honing my skills, my awareness, knowledge and touch.

I love using handmade pots.

So I make pots that I want to use. They don't follow fashion, they're not unnecessarily decorated, they are simple pots that are comforting to hold and enjoyable to drink or eat from.

It is this marriage between skill and function that drives what I do.  I want to make work that is honest, beautiful and useful and I want to be constantly improving and learning so I can make better pots... so I better get back to work!

March 21, 2013

Seconds Sale!

This Saturday at Maribyrnong Makers Market I'm having a seconds sale

Lots of one offs, not quite rights, samples, and happy accidents.

March 14, 2013

New cups

Playing around with a new cup shape (with the fancy new handles).

Lots of work coming out of the kiln in preparation for Finders Keepers in April... it's going to be a busy next few week!!!

March 8, 2013

playing with forms

Gary Healey (my awesome and super inspiring mentor) was taking me through how to make ovoids on Wednesday... now i'm addicted! They are so much fun.

These guys still need to be turned, fired and glazed, but you get the idea.

Also, exciting news, I'm going to be at Finders Keepers in April!  More on that soon (in the meantime i'm throwing like a maniac).