July 31, 2012

vases and jugs

Everything's taking forever to dry so all the pots are outside trying to catch some rays!

But it's perfect cuppa weather :)

July 13, 2012


The barista in the cafe across the road asked if I could make a teapot for his girlfriends birthday.  So now I make teapots!! They have so much personality. A bit fiddly to make but very enjoyable to use - my tea consumption has gone through the roof this week.

They're sitting on a tile crank donated by the awsome folks at Northcote Pottery (thanks Ray).  Plates are on the horizon. 

July 4, 2012

In the wild

Here are some of my pots in the wild thanks to awesome illustrator wendy june

A shout out to awesome potter Sophie Milne.  Over on her blog there's been a bit of a discussion about finding an original voice as a potter which has been very interesting.

On a side note - I have an old kick wheel, free to a good home.  It's perfect if you want to throw outdoors, or just want to give a kick wheel a go.  Happy to deliver if you live nearby (brunswick) as it's quite heavy and may not fit in a regular car.  Please email me if you're interested sophie_harle at hotmail etc