June 12, 2009

White on White

I thought it was about time to take some "proper" photos.

The ones with the black background were okay, but i was wondering what they would look like on white, so here are the results.

Here's a pot by itself. It looks a little lonely, and i'm wondering whether there's too much white space. But I like that you can see the dance of the rim.

A couple of pairs of pots

And a little bowl. Jem uses these for painting medium. They have a stable bottom to stop them from falling over. I made him one recently with a little lid, to try and reduce the amount of volatiles and headaches.

I had envisaged the white background being super white with no shadows, but that didn't really happen. However I really quite like the grey's of the shadows. I guess it's just going to take some perfecting.

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