August 18, 2009

Perils of International Shipping

A friend in the US, who does a bit of painting, asked me to make a set of small bowls for mixing paints etc. I've recently done a set of cups for his family (with stamps with the initials of each of the family members) and had complete success sending things by mail.

So with the little bowls complete I sent them off, bubble wrapped and stacked in a couple of packing tubes.

Whilst the cups travelled well, it seems the small bowls did not share the same robustness.

Sadly some bit the dust on the way over, arriving in various sized shards, a little like an archelogical dig.

Here are the casualities...

Happily some survived

But despite my little bowls now being on the other side of the planet... I've been put off international shipping for awhile... until I've found a failure proof method of packing!

1 comment:

Shawn said...

Oh no! Sorry to see that! You've got to pad these up REAL tight in the box so there's no movement.

Consider using bubble wrap and lots of packing peanuts.