March 25, 2013

On making pots

I love making pots.

So I make pots every day.  I make every day because I want to make better pots.  Each bowl or cup or plate is simply a step along the way to getting better at my craft, honing my skills, my awareness, knowledge and touch.

I love using handmade pots.

So I make pots that I want to use. They don't follow fashion, they're not unnecessarily decorated, they are simple pots that are comforting to hold and enjoyable to drink or eat from.

It is this marriage between skill and function that drives what I do.  I want to make work that is honest, beautiful and useful and I want to be constantly improving and learning so I can make better pots... so I better get back to work!


fruktoza said...

I totally agree! Improving a skill and producing something usefull is a good combination. Sometimes I cannot see an improvement for a long time and for me that's hard. But this is also a part of the process :)

sharon clues said...

I think the work that you produce is beautiful and I love that they don't follow fashion, that only adds to their desirability :)

homeschooled said...

And I love your pots!
How did the seconds sale go?
any left?

sophie said...

I know what you mean Fruktoza, pottery is such a slow road.

thanks sharon - your cotton scarf is my all time favourite :)

The seconds sale was crazy. Sold out 9 boxes by lunch time!!